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The OSA Direct Newsletter

Organic Semiconductor Analyst Direct (OSA Direct) is the World's leading newsletter on the organic semiconductor industry (which encompasses organic, plastic and printed electronics, photovoltaics, transistors, lighting, displays, sensors, etc).

  • OSA Direct is the newsletter of choice for anyone who takes an active interest in the latest developments in the organic semiconductor industry.
  • OSA Direct provides timely information on a wide range of commercial and technical activities.
  • OSA Direct is FREE and published every week.


The editorial team constantly monitors a selection of news feeds, industry sources and academic publications, as well as travelling the world to attend conferences and exhibitions, all to bring its readers quality content in the form of:

  • succinct summaries of news and industry developments
  • summaries of relevant academic and technical papers
  • coverage of major conferences, exhibitions and events
  • weekly market data for key companies


OSA Direct's readership includes senior management in technology, business development and venture capital, as well as academic researchers, all of whom demand up-to-date and relevant independent analysis of the emerging organic semiconductor industry.