OLED Lighting: products, pricing, capacity, costs and forecasts 2011 - 2020

This research report from cintelliq analyses the OLED Lighting industry to understand how current products, pricing, capacity, and costs will evolve in the future and how this will impact market forecasts.


"The OLED Lighting industry is developing fast, understanding how it will evolve in terms of products, prices, manufacturing capacity, costs and market forecasts is critical for companies seeking to secure a position within the industry"

The commercialisation of OLED lighting over the past two years continues to accelerate, with a growing list of companies announcing their intention to enter the market. Although traditional lighting companies are active, seeking to safeguard their position with regards to OLED lighting, there are many new entrants that want to challenge these incumbents and shift the dynamics of the industry. Companies are beginning to scale-up the manufacturing of OLED lighting panels, at the same time product performance is rapidly improving both will have an impact on the pricing, capacity, costs and volumes over the next 10 years.

This research report includes the following:

  • A 90+ page report (pdf format)
  • A total of 52 graphs/figures
  • A total of 19 tables
  • A dataset with the data for all the figures used (excel format)
Learn more about the content of the report by downloading the sample pages and sample dataset (includes a list of figures and tables).


Who should buy this report?

This report is an invaluable guide to technology developers, materials companies, licensing departments, business developers and equipment vendors who want to understand how pricing, capacity, costs and market forecasts will evolve for the period 2011 - 2020.


How good is the report?

cintelliq has been monitoring and analysing commercial and technical developments of the OLED lighting industry since 2004 enabling us to develop a comprehensive database of commercial and technical developments.


This research report aims to answers key questions that include

  • Products:
    • What OLED lighting products are entering the market?
    • What OLED lighting products segments are emerging?
    • What is the performance of these products?
    • How will product performance change over time?
  • Pricing:
    • What is the price of OLED lighting products entering the market?
    • What is the price of panels, and price in unit area?
    • How will prices change with increases in the number of manufacturers?
    • How will pricing change with improvements in product performance?
  • Capacity:
    • How much capacity is currently available?
    • How does capacity translate into shippable volumes?
    • How does capacity translate into panel sizes?
    • How will capacity evolve?
    • What equipment generation is currently being deployed?
    • What equipment generation will be used in the future?
  • Costs:
    • What manufacturing costs are possible?
    • How will costs change with increases in volume?
    • How will costs change with improvements in product performance?
    • How will costs change with improvements in process capability?
  • Forecasts:
    • How will volume evolve given current and future capacity?
    • How will pricing evolve?
    • How will products evolve?
    • How will product performance evolve?
    • How will manufacturing costs evolve?