cintelliq is an independent limited company which provides information services and technology consultancy to the organic semiconductor industry. cintelliq delivers analysis based on facts, not on opinion.

As basic research in organic semiconductors moves from research laboratories towards early commercialisation it is essential that any organisation with a vested interest in the technology has access to reliable industry information.

This information must be of a quality, timeliness and depth to enable organisations to make informed decisions for successful commercialisation. cintelliq was established in 2002 in order to collect, analyse and disseminate this information.

cintelliq provides a range of services which address the needs of individuals and organisations with an interest (direct or indirect) in the development of technologies and applications across the whole of the organic semiconductor industry.

The cintelliq team divides its time between

  • monitoring and tracking commercial and technology developments
  • attending exhibitions and conferences
  • conducting independent research
  • codifying its analysis

cintelliq disseminates the results of this research via

  • the world's leading newsletter on organic semiconductors: OSA Direct
  • a series of reports on OLED lighting, Organic PV, and a range of patents analysis
  • consulting services, including technology intelligence, competitor review and patent analysis
  • its successful conference and seminar series