Organic and printed electronics

A ten-year review of the patent landscape: 2008 - 2017

This report will enable you to identify the leading organisations filing organic and printed electronic device, process, and materials patents, when they filed, what patents have been granted, what are the main technology areas where filings have occurred, and which industry sectors are the most active.

Those companies that file early patents will clearly have a competitive advantage - understanding what patents are being filed will enable companies to avoid competition

Organic and printed electronics published patents have grown more than 73% over the past ten years

cintelliq is pleased to announce their latest patent report Organic Electronics: A ten-year review of the patent landscape - this review and analysis of organic electronic patents covers the period 2008 - 2017. The review and analyses focuses on organic and printed electronics - includes device, material and process patents for OLED, OPV, OPD, OTFT, sensors and related devices.

Since 2008 the number of organic and printed electronics patents have grown from 12,000+ to more than 21,000 by the end of 2017.

cintelliq - Organic electronics patents 2008 - 2017

Figure: cintelliq - Organic electronics published patents - 2008 - 2017

These published patents are a result of innovations filed by companies primarily between 2007 and 2014, it is worth noting that the fall off from 2014 is just a reflection of the delay between filing a patent and its publication - about 18 months.

cintelliq - Organic electronics patents 2008 - 2017

Figure: cintelliq - Organic electronics priority year - 2008 - 2017

Japanese companies account for the largest share of individual patents, with Korean, US, Chinese, German, British, Taiwanese and French companies all within the top ten of priority filing countries.

cintelliq - Organic electronics patents 2008 - 2017

Figure: cintelliq - Organic electronics priority year - 2008 - 2017 - priority country vs publication country

Note: The organic electronics patent landscape report includes patents published up until end of December 2017.

The organic electronics patent landscape provides insight to technology and commercial developments

Our latest patent landscape report provides a solid review of organic electronics technology and commercial developments - an invaluable guide to this latest emerging solar cell technology.

With this report you will learn:

  • What inventions are being patented
  • What companies and research institutions are filing patents
  • How patent filings are developing over time, regionally and by industry
  • How is the early industry shaping-up
  • What are the technology groups being protected - devices, materials or processes
  • Who has filed early patents
  • Who are the key assignees
  • What are the patent portfolio held by key assignees
  • Who has already received granted patents
  • What are the technologies covered by these granted patents
  • What regional differences are emerging and how could this change over time

The report can be used in many ways

The Organic Electronics: A ten-year review of the patent landscape 2008-2017 helps build on your understanding on the developments that have occurred over the past ten years and the companies and institutions behind these developments.

  • benchmark your own analysis against our review
  • learn how the industry has developed over the past ten years
  • learn about your competitors
  • identify partnerships between companies
  • identify new companies for business development
  • identify new trends and topics
  • identify changes in focus of companies
  • identify new companies developing technologies
  • identify new companies entering the market
  • identify business development opportunities
  • identify customers
  • identify applications
  • plan your research and development
  • review your own patent portfolio
  • save time collecting, cleaning and preparing patent data for analysis

Assignees (companies) included in the report and the dataset

3m innovative properties co ●  adeka corp ●  agency science tech & res ●  apple inc ●  applied materials inc ●  arkema inc ●  armor ●  asahi glass co ltd ●  astron fiamm safety ●  au optronics corp ●  basf se ●  beijing university ●  beijing visionox tech co ltd ●  boe technology group co ltd ●  cambridge display technology ltd ●  cambridge enterprise ltd ●  canatu oy ●  canon corp ●  carben semiconductor ●  casio computer co ltd ●  changchun applied chemistry ●  cheil ind inc ●  chinese acad inst chemistry ●  chunghwa picture tubes ltd ●  commissariat energie atomique ●  csiro ●  corning inc ●  corning prec materials co ltd ●  cpi innovation services ltd ●  cs elsolar co ltd ●  cynora gmbh ●  daicel corp ●  dainippon ink & chemicals ●  dainippon printing co ltd ●  dainippon screen mfg ●  denso corp ●  dexerials corp ●  dongguan anwell digital mach ●  dongjin semichem co ltd ●  dongwoo fine chem co ltd ●  doosan corp ●  dow global technologies llc ●  du pont ●  dupont teijin films ●  duk san neolux co ltd ●  duksan high metal co ltd ●  dyesol ltd ●  eastman kodak co ●  ecole polytechnique fed de lausanne ●  e ink corp ●  eight19 ltd ●  emagin ●  emde projects gmbh ●  everdisplay optronics shanghai ltd ●  evonik degussa gmbh ●  flexenable ltd ●  fraunhofer ●  fuji electric holdings ●  fuji xerox co ltd ●  fujifilm corp ●  fujitsu ltd ●  furukawa electric co ltd ●  futaba denshi kogyo kk ●  general electric ●  georgia tech res inst ●  global oled technology llc ●  gracel display inc ●  heesung material ltd ●  heliatek gmbh ●  henkel ag ●  heraeus clevios gmbh ●  hewlett packard development co ●  hitachi chemical co ltd ●  hitachi displays ltd ●  hitachi high tech corp ●  hitachi ltd ●  hodogaya chemical co ltd ●  hon hai prec ind co ltd ●  ibm ●  idemitsu kosan co ●  ignis innovation inc ●  imec vzw ●  imperial innovations ltd ●  itri ●  innolux corp ●  innovationlab gmbh ●  inst of microelectronics cas ●  intel corp ●  irico group ●  isis innovation ●  iucf hyu ●  japan display inc ●  japan science & tech agency ●  jilin optical & electronic materials co ltd ●  jilin university ●  jnc corp ●  joled inc ●  jsr corp ●  jusung eng co ltd ●  jx nippon oil & energy corp ●  kaneka corp ●  kateeva inc ●  kolon inc ●  konarka technologies inc ●  konica minolta inc ●  koninkl philips electronics nv ●  korea advanced institute of science and technology ●  korea electronics telecomm ●  korea ind tech ins ●  korea inst sci & tech ●  korea mach & materials inst ●  korea res inst chem tech ●  korea university research and business foundation ●  kunshan govisionox optoelectronics co ltd ●  kunshan new flat panel display technology ct co ltd ●  kwangju inst sci & tech ●  kyocera corp ●  ledon oled lighting gmbh ●  leonhard kurz stiftung & co kg ●  lg chem ltd ●  lg display co ltd ●  lg electronics inc ●  lg innotek co ltd ●  lintec corp ●  lomox ltd ●  lumiotec inc ●  massachusetts inst technology ●  matsushita electric ind co ltd ●  merck patent gmbh ●  mitsubishi chem corp ●  mitsubishi materials corp ●  mitsui chemicals inc ●  nat university of tsing hua ●  nec corp ●  nec lighting ●  neoview kolon co ltd ●  nippon kogaku Corp ●  nippon seiki co ltd ●  nippon steel chemical co ●  nippon zeon co ●  nissan chemical ind ltd ●  nitto denko corp ●  nokia corp ●  novaled gmbh ●  oceans king lighting science ●  oji holdings corp ●  oledworks gmbh ●  osram oled gmbh ●  osram opto semiconductors gmbh ●  oxford photovoltaics ltd ●  panasonic corp ●  panasonic elec works co ltd ●  panasonic ip man corp ●  parc ●  pioneer corp] ●  pioneer electronic corp ●  plastic logic ltd ●  plextronics inc ●  pnh tech ●  polyera corp ●  polyic gmbh ●  polymer vision ltd ●  postech acad ind found ●  pragmatic printing ltd ●  research and business foundation sungkyunkwan university ●  ricoh corp ●  rohm and haas elect materials ●  rohm co ltd ●  saint gobain ●  samsung corning prec mat co ●  samsung display co ltd ●  samsung electronics co ltd ●  samsung mobile display co ltd ●  samsung sdi co ltd ●  sandisk 3d llc ●  sanyo electric co ltd ●  schott ag ●  seiko epson corp ●  sekisui chemical co ltd ●  semiconductor energy lab co ltd ●  sfa engineering corp ●  sfc co ltd ●  shanghai everdisplay optronics co ltd ●  shanghai university ●  sharp corp ●  shenzhen china star optoelect ●  showa denko corp ●  sichuan cco display tech co ●  siemens ag ●  smartkem ltd ●  snu precision co ltd ●  snu r and db foundation ●  solvay ●  sony corp ●  south china university of technology ●  sumitomo chemical co ltd ●  sunic systems ltd ●  tcl group co ltd ●  tdk corp ●  tesa se ●  tianma micro electronics co ltd ●  tno ●  tokyo electron ltd ●  toppan printing co ltd ●  toray industries ●  toshiba corp ●  toshiba matsushita display tec ●  toshiba mobile display co ltd ●  tosoh corp ●  toyo ink mfg co ●  tpo displays corp ●  truly semiconductors co ltd ●  ube industries ●  ulvac corp ●  university of electronic science & tech ●  university of florida ●  university of heilongjiang ●  university of jiliang china ●  university of hong kong ●  university of kyushu nat university of corp ●  university of michigan ●  university of nanjing posts & telecomm ●  university of nat taiwan ●  university of princeton ●  university of soochow ●  university of southern california ●  university of tsinghua ●  university of tokyo ●  university of wake forest ●  universal display corp ●  university of california ●  valiant co ltd ●  wuhan china star optoelectronics technology co ltd ●  wuhan university ●  xerox corp ●  yamagata university ●  zeon corp
... and many more

Note: All assignee names have been standardised and so each has a single spelling.

Each row of patent data contains more than 24 fields of data related to the patent

Ready to use patent dataset, tabbed worksheets, each patent record has been cleaned and normalised providing a consistent, accurate and easy to use dataset in an Excel spreadsheet document.

  • includes bibliographic data
  • data used to generated the charts and tables (#1)
  • includes citations (#2)
  • includes granted status
  • includes technology classifications
  • includes organisation type
  • includes unique data derived by our research

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