Perovskite photovoltaic patent landscape

A review of the patent landscape

This report will enable you to identify the leading organisations filing perovskite photovoltaic technology patents, when they filed, what patents have been granted, what are the main technology areas where filings have occurred, and which industry sectors are the most active.

Those companies that file early patents will clearly have a competitive advantage - understanding what patents are being filed will enable companies to avoid competition

This report is updated each month - this means if you buy the report today it will include our most recent analysis and dataset.

Perovskite solar cell inventions growing since 2012, and international expansion since 2016

If you analyse all perovskite patents as a single group the analysis shows rapid growth in the number of published patents from 2014 onwards (light-blue bar chart). The number of published patents peak in 2017 with just over 1000 recorded.

Now if you examine the same dataset in terms of the number of unique patent families published each year will highlight the number of new inventions each year (the grey bar chart) - this shows the number of patent inventions is also growing each year.

The difference between these two bar charts represents the number of patents filed in other patent offices beyond the original patent office.

Note: This analysis based on patents published up until end of September 2018

Chinese assignees filing most patents, but this may slow over the next few years

Note: This analysis based on patents published up until end of September 2018

Chinese assignees file the most patents at the moment, our analysis shows this rapid growth started around 2013. In the past few years it appears that incremental changes in Chinese filings may be slowly, and could be an early indicator Chinese patent filings may slow.

Further analysis shows that GB assignees with significant early priorities since 2012.

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