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This weekly patent tracker will enable you to identify the leading organisations filing blockchain patents, when they filed, what patents have been granted, what are the main technology areas where filings have occurred, and which industry sectors are the most active.

Those companies that file early patents will clearly have a competitive advantage - understanding what patents are being filed will enable companies to avoid competition

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The Blockchain Patent Weekly delivers the latest published patents to your inbox each week

  • The rapid pace of blockchain technology development and applications means there is an increasing number of patent filings.
  • Understanding this technology and commercial progress can be achieved by tracking and monitoring patents.

Blockchain Patents Published each Week during 2018

Note: This analysis based on patents published up until end of December 2018

Patents hold valuable technical and commercial information critical for companies to remain innovative and competitive

  • Patents contain information and data not found elsewhere
  • Patents contain valuable technical and commercial information and data
  • Patents contain insights helpful for setting technical developments
  • Patents contain insights helpful for setting commercial developments
  • Patents contain information on competitors' technical and commercial intentions

However, due to time pressures companies often don't track patents weekly and miss timely information

  • Many companies don't have the resources to track patents in a timely manner
  • Searching for patents is time consuming
  • Selecting relevant patents is time consuming
  • Making documents for internal distribution is time consuming
  • Many companies miss technical and commercial information available in patents

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All patent data sourced directly from EPO

Companies that published patents on blockchain and related technologies during 2018 included:

●  accenture global solutions ltd ●  alibaba group holding ltd ●  amazon tech inc ●  aol inc ●  apple inc ●  arm ●  bank of america ●  bank of china co ltd ●  beihang university ●  beijing oracle chain tech co ltd ●  beijing peersafe co ltd ●  beijing ruizhuo xitou technology development co ltd ●  beijing tiande science and tech co ltd ●  beijing yunzhi tech co ltd ●  black gold coin inc ●  british telecomm ●  bubi beijing network tech co ltd ●  bundesdruckerei gmbh ●  cambridge blockchain llc ●  china unicom ●  china unionpay co ltd ●  cisco tech inc ●  civic tech inc ●  cloudminds shenzhen robotics systems co ltd ●  cognitive scale inc ●  coinbase inc ●  coinplug inc ●  dell products lp ●  ebay inc ●  fmr llc ●  fujitsu ltd ●  general electric ●  goldman sachs and co ●  guangdong wangjin holdings co ltd ●  hangzhou fuzamei technology co ltd ●  hangzhou qulian tech ltd ●  hangzhou yunphant network tech co ltd ●  hefei weitian yuntong information tech co ltd ●  huawei tech co ltd ●  hyperchain tech co ltd ●  ibm corp ●  intel corp ●  irdeto access bv ●  jinan inspur hi tech invest & development co ltd ●  jinan university ●  jpmorgan chase bank ●  korea university research and business foundation ●  mastercard international inc ●  mcafee inc ●  microsoft corp ●  nasdaq inc ●  nchain holdings ltd ●  nec ●  nippon telegraph & telephone ●  nokia technologies oy ●  nvidia corp] ●  pricewaterhousecoopers ●  qian dejun ●  qualcomm inc ●  royal bank of canada ●  salesforce com inc ●  samsung electronics co ltd ●  shanghai dianrong information tech co ltd ●  shanghai vechain information tech co ltd ●  shenzhen fanxi eelectronics co ltd ●  shenzhen golo chelian data tech co ltd ●  shenzhen qianhai webank co ltd ●  shenzhen university ●  shocard inc ●  siemens ag ●  sinochain tech co ltd ●  sony corp ●  spondoolies tech ltd ●  square inc [us] ●  tencent tech shenzhen co ltd ●  the toronto dominion bank ●  thomson licensing ●  thomson reuters global resources unlimited company ●  tsinghua university ●  union mobile pay co ltd ●  university of electronic science and technology of china ●  virtual electric inc ●  visa intl ●  wal mart ●  wuhan douyu network tech co ltd ●  xidian university
... plus many other assignees

Note: All assignee names have been standardised and so each has a single spelling.

Since 2004 cintelliq has published standalone patent landscape reports and quarterly patent tracking subscription services

  • Since 2004 we have published many patent landscape reports and offered quarterly patent tracking subscriptions to our customers
  • Since 2004 we have developed a well honed patent search process that works well and is the foundation for our own patent landscape reports and consulting services
  • Since 2004 we have provided patent analysis services to leading companies and leading management consultants